What are some of the Drawbacks of living in San Antonio?

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Living in San Antonio definitely has its perks. There are tons of restaurants, shopping, and entertainment options to choose from. However, there are also a few drawbacks that come with living here. Traffic can be a nightmare, housing is expensive, and it can get really hot during the summer! If you’re thinking about moving to San Antonio or are already a resident here, make sure you know what to expect! 

Here are Some of the Drawbacks of Living in SA. 

1.SA Traffic: SA traffic is always a hot topic among San Antonians. It seems that no matter how much you try to avoid it, at some point or another you’re stuck in traffic on 281, I-10 West, the 410/1604 interchange and pretty much anywhere else during rush hour. As someone who commutes 1 hr each way every weekday, this has really become a considerable drawback for me and my family. However, we both work from home so we figured out a way around it! But if we didn’t work from home this would be an even bigger issue for us… 

2. Lack of Public Transportation: No public transportation system is provided by the city itself. Most people are forced to travel by car or taxi. This makes it very difficult for the disabled, elderly, and those who can’t afford to own a car. There are several small companies that provide shuttle services (such as Mad Max, VIA Metropolitan Transit, etc.) but none of them cover all areas or times of day. 

3. Lack of Education Options: If you’re planning on moving your family here and your kids are still in school then one drawback is definitely San Antonio’s low education options. Consisting mainly of large school districts such as Northside, Southside, Harlandale, Edgewood and more — the overall level of education greatly varies from district to district. Students living in neighborhoods with wealthier families generally have higher test scores than those living in low income areas. 

4. Expensive Homes: Many San Antonio residents are renters, therefore they tend to complain about housing prices even more than homeowners do! The problem with housing costs is that it’s hard for many people to save money when you have so much of it going towards your home every month. Plus, buying a home in today’s market is often out of reach for the average family making around $50k per year. There are some good paying jobs here in town but not enough to support such high property values. 

5. Lack of Taxes: Texas has no state tax which means there isn’t much incentive for government or city officials to strive for better infrastructure or amenities, especially considering the reliance on sales and property taxes to fund public services. In other words, don’t get too excited about that extra penny sales tax increase! 

6. Weather: Yes, I know this is listed under both pros and cons but it’s really a double edged sword if you’re from the north where the winter weather would have been -50 just a few weeks ago! During the summer months San Antonio can be extremely hot with humidity levels in the 70s (and even 80s!) If 100+ degree weather doesn’t bother you then chances are San Antonio might be for you! 

7. Lack of Tech Jobs : This might work well for some people looking for a laid-back retirement lifestyle but not so much if your family relies on tech jobs for income. The main tech employers in the city are the medical industry, universities, and military. 

8. Sharks! The San Antonio River does not have sharks in it so if you were hoping for that extra thrill when you go out on a boat — I’m afraid it’s just not going to happen… 

9. Lack of Roads: If your family likes to drive for fun then I think this might be a drawback for you – because there are no major freeways leading outside of SA except i-35 which goes into Austin or i-10 which goes into Houston. You’ll definitely need a car if you’re thinking about moving here. Public transportation isn’t very reliable nor convenient! Getting around inside the city limits is pretty easy since everything is within walking distance but if you need to get out of SA, plan on taking the bus or having one hell of a good time trying to find parking downtown. 

10. Lack of National Parks: If you love visiting national parks then this is definitely not the place for you. Luckily, there are quite a few beautiful state parks in Texas that can fit your outdoor needs just fine! 

11. Costly Fuel: The price of gas here in San Antonio does vary depending on where you go but it’s generally more expensive than most states. In fact, many people complain about how much they’re forced to pay at the pump whenever they stray from city limits – especially since there isn’t any public transportation available! On average, most people will spend around $60 each week on gas. 

12. Lack of Nightlife: There are several bars and nightclubs located not too far from downtown but most of them are pretty run down. If you’re into that kind of scene then I’m afraid San Antonio might fall short for you! Plus, the nightlife doesn’t really pick up until way later in the night due to Texas liquor laws… so if your kids want to go out with their friends they’ll be forced to stay overnight at someone’s house instead since all the clubs close around 2AM. 

There are a lot of great reasons to live in San Antonio, but there are also some drawbacks. Some people may not like the fact that it’s so hot for many months out of the year or that they don’t have access to public transportation. If you want help with your decision on whether this is the right place for you, give us call today! 

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