Why are San Antonio’s Houses so Affordable?

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There’s no doubt that San Antonio is a great place to live. The city has a rich history and plenty of culture, not to mention major attractions like the Alamo and River Walk. But what makes San Antonio really stand out is its affordability. In fact, San Antonio’s houses are among the most affordable in the country. Wondering why that is? Here are four reasons why San Antonio’s houses are so affordable.  

Here are Three Reasons why San Antonio’s Houses are so Affordable 

1.San Antonio is a big city with plenty of inventory. As one of the biggest cities in America, San Antonio has more homes than most other cities. Since there are more houses on the market to choose from, prices naturally go down because buyers can more easily find what they want at an affordable price.  

2. The cost of living is low in San Antonio. Renting or buying a house comes at a cheaper price in San Antonio than it does in many other major cities like New York City or Los Angeles. This fact makes it easier for people to save up whatever extra money they have after paying their rent or mortgage each month.  

3. The zoning laws in San Antonio favor single-family homes over apartments and condos. Unlike many other major cities, the zoning laws in San Antonio are designed to keep housing costs down by not allowing developers to build too many high-rises or large complexes. 

San Antonio’s Houses are More Affordable and Here are Some of the Pros and Cons 

San Antonio Home Prices and Affordability 

Here’s a quick overview of home prices in San Antonio: The average sale price for a house in the city is $71,000, which is well below the national average ($178,000). While there are definitely cheaper homes sold throughout the country, San Antonio stands out as a place where you can buy an inexpensive house without sacrificing any quality or comfort. In fact, Forbes ranks San Antonio #27 on its list of “American’s best places for business and careers,” while Fortune names it among the top five “emerging US markets” every year. If you’re looking to start a career or small business in the United States, San Antonio has plenty of affordable housing options to choose from. 

Living Wage Jobs and a Resurgence in Manufacturing 

According to a study done by SmartAsset, San Antonio is one of the cities with the highest number of living wage jobs. What’s more, these living wage jobs are becoming increasingly available throughout the city as manufacturing continues its nationwide resurgence. In other words, if you already have a good job or career in place, moving to San Antonio won’t force you to take a pay cut to afford your home. If you’re currently searching for work elsewhere and considering relocating, consider checking out San Antonio first because your housing costs will be lower there than most other cities. There are several reasons why a resurgence in manufacturing jobs is good for the city overall, but let’s focus on housing affordability in this article. 

Warehousing, Distribution Centers and Exports in the Area 

The simple fact of the matter is that when you have more people buying things domestically, using your city as a hub for warehousing, distribution centers and exports doesn’t negatively impact home prices or affordability. San Antonio has several advantages in these areas when compared to other Texas cities. If you’re planning to move to San Antonio with job prospects already lined up, your living costs will remain low no matter what industry you’re part of because there are plenty of houses available at affordable prices due to high demand. Meanwhile, if you already live in San Antonio but are looking for a new job in another part of the country, your living costs will also be lower than most other cities. 

There are a lot of great reasons to live in San Antonio, but there are also some drawbacks. Some people may not like the fact that it’s so hot for many months out of the year or that they don’t have access to public transportation. If you want help with your decision on whether this is the right place for you, give us call today!  

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