Should I reside in San Antonio or Austin?

We are a group of moms dedicated to finding the absolute BEST things to do in and around San Antonio, Texas

If you’re considering moving to San Antonio or Austin, Texas, you may be wondering which city is the best fit for you. Both cities have a lot to offer, but they each have their own unique personality. So, which city should you choose? Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of living in San Antonio and Austin. 

Here’s a Breakdown of the Pros and Cons of Living in San Antonio and Austin 

Pros: San Antonio, Texas is a charming city that has quite a bit to offer both residents and visitors. The cost of living in San Antonio is roughly 20 percent lower than it is in Austin, but the median home value is roughly $60,000 higher. In addition, the average household income in San Antonio is only about 13 percent lower than it is in Austin, which makes it a pretty attractive option for those looking for a more affordable place to live. Plus, compared with other major cities across the United States, San Antonio’s cost of living index falls well below the national average. What does this mean? Not only does it have great affordability for those looking to buy homes or rent apartments within the city, but the affordability extends to goods and services as well. 

Cons: Crime rates in San Antonio have been on a steady increase over the past few years. In fact, current crime levels are more than double what they were 20 years ago. While Austin also has a high crime rate, it’s been on a steady decline over the past 10+ years. And if you’re interested in outdoor activities or sports, there aren’t too many cities that can compare with Austin’s offerings. If you’re looking for places to hike, bike trails, paddling routes and green spaces, Austin is probably your best bet! 

Austin Pros and Cons 

Pros: There are so many great things about in Austin Texas — especially if you’re a music lover. Home to the SXSW Music Festival, Austin’s eclectic culture and rich musical history make it one of America’s top destinations for music-lovers. And if you’re looking for an even broader range of entertainment options or outdoor activities, Austin is also home to plenty of sports arenas, theaters and museums as well as amazing green spaces like Zilker Park, Lady Bird Lake and Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park where residents can hike, boat, canoe or fish year round. 

In addition to all the great attractions within the city itself, those that live in and around Austin don’t have to travel far for even more fun activities — many of which are right on their doorstep! For example: The Natural Bridge Caverns, Blue Hole Regional Park, Enchanted Rock, Garner State Park and the Devil’s Sinkhole are all within a short drive from the city. 

Cons: As great as Austin is, it’s also home to some fairly serious traffic problems! In fact, according to a recent survey by INRIX, Austin ranks No. 4 in America for peak hours spent in congestion — falling behind only LA, NYC and San Francisco. Also … if you’re someone who enjoys spending time outdoors or indulging in nature-related activities like hiking or paddling sports … you may find yourself disappointed with what Texas’ capital city has to offer. Much of the surrounding land is used for farming cattle and growing cotton crops — neither of which make for very enjoyable outdoor activities! 

So, should you live in San Antonio or Austin? It really depends on what your priorities are. If you want to be near the beach and have easy access to outdoor activities, then go with San Antonio. But if you prefer a lively city full of culture and music venues, consider living in Austin instead! No matter which one is right for you, our team at The Research Group can provide insights into communities throughout Texas so that you’ll know where to look next.  

About Us – Mom to Mom San Antonio 

We are a group of moms dedicated to finding the absolute BEST things to do in and around San Antonio, Texas! We are super excited to see you on our site and really hope you absolutely LOVE the information you find.  If you have any tips please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know.  We are always finding new places to entertain our kids, ourselves and our families! 

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