Fun Things To Do At The San Antonio Riverwalk 

If you’re looking for a fun place to take the family, the San Antonio Riverwalk is a great option. There are plenty of things to do along the riverwalk, and it’s always a fun atmosphere. You can walk, bike, or jog along the river, or stop at one of the many restaurants or shops lining the path. The riverwalk is also a great place to take a picnic lunch and enjoy some downtime in nature. No matter what you choose to do, the San Antonio Riverwalk is sure to provide hours of enjoyment for everyone! 

Try The San Antonio River Cruises 

The San Antonio Riverwalk is best viewed from a boat. Take a trip on one of Go Rio Cruises’ vibrant electric boats. Every 15 minutes, three separate docks offer their 35-minute guided trips. There are several daily river shuttles that go from downtown to the Museum Reach on board comfortable boats that are ADA accessible. 

Without taking a boat tour down the San Antonio River, a trip to San Antonio isn’t complete. This is one of the most popular methods for people to explore Downtown San Antonio and the lively Riverwalk. 

By purchasing day permits that allow for unrestricted use, river shuttles and river taxis may also be used to create an experience similar to hop on/hop off tours. The lunch or dinner boat excursion is a wonderful way to enjoy your food while taking in the Riverwalk. A lot of the Riverwalk restaurants also provide their patrons with dinner cruises. On the Riverwalk, you may purchase tickets for all varieties of cruises. 

Enjoy A Delicious Dinner On The Riverwalk 

Visiting the San Antonio Riverwalk would be incomplete without dining here. The Riverwalk offers a wide selection of dining establishments to suit different tastes and price ranges. 

The brilliantly colored umbrellas of Casa Rio, one of the most well-known restaurants on the Riverwalk, quickly draw the notice of tourists. The San Antonio Riverwalk’s first dining establishment was Casa Rio. 

Experience the Downtown Reach’s Bustle 

Few people are aware that the Riverwalk is the largest urban park in the city. The river promenade in downtown San Antonio is frequented by tens of thousands of tourists each year. 

When visiting the San Antonio Riverwalk, visitors are frequently transported to European towns. It is enjoyable to stroll along the Downtown Reach of the Riverwalk. This area is the busiest and is great for people watching. 

It is the starting place for boat tours and boasts a large number of eateries, stores, and other attractions. On the Riverwalk, you may see couples, families, groups of all ages traveling together, as well as friends. 

Climb All of the Riverwalk’s Numerous Bridges 

There are several bridges used in the Downtown Reach of the Riverwalk’s design to connect its two sides. The bridges make it quite simple to access the stores and restaurants on either side. 

Walking over the bridges and taking pictures of them from a distance is one of the activities that people like doing along the river walk. Each of the bridges is exquisite and has its own architectural style. From the top of the bridge, there are also excellent views of the riverwalk. 

Go Kayaking 

The San Antonio River is accessible by kayak, did you know that? The San Antonio River Cruise is a touristic option, but this is a fantastic alternative for seeing the city from the water. Local residents favor this! You have the option of renting a kayak in the city or bringing your own. 

The 8-mile Mission Reach track is among the top locations for paddling. From sunrise to dusk, you may go paddling there. Several stretches of the San Antonio River are open to the use of stand-up paddleboards. 

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