Is San Antonio multicultural?

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Is San Antonio multicultural? According to some people, the answer is no. They argue that San Antonio is a monolithic city where Spanish-speakers dominate and everyone else is left on the sidelines. But if you look beyond the surface, you’ll see that San Antonio is actually a very diverse place – with people from all walks of life coming together to make their home here. So yes, San Antonio is multicultural – and it’s only getting more diverse every day. 

Everything to know about Multicultural 

San Antonio has a population of over 1.4 million people, and about 65% of them speak Spanish at home. As you can imagine, that gives San Antonio the fastest-growing Spanish-speaking population in the country – but it’s not all Latinos here. There are also Asians (including many Vietnamese refugees who came to S.A. after the Vietnam War) African Americans , Caucasians, Samoans, Guamanians, Filipino practically every ethnicity is represented in San Antonio! Many of these groups have been here for generations; others arrived more recently during America’s recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are also around 40,000 foreign students studying at UTSA, St. Mary, Trinity, UTHSC, and other local universities. They come from 162 different countries, bringing their food, customs, festivals, languages… you name it! 

Although everyone may not get along perfectly all the time, San Antonio is a special place where neighbors of all backgrounds work together to make this city great. The following are just a handful of examples: 

Virtually every country in Latin America has an organization here in San Antonio – including El Salvador, Peru, Chile, Panama, Argentina visit any one of these groups’ websites for fun facts about each country’s culture and heritage as well as upcoming events! There is even a Welsh-Mexican Cultural Society that celebrates everything from Mexican dance to traditional Welsh music at its annual Sombrero Festival. 

The Vietnamese community can be found celebrating Tet (Vietnamese New Year) and the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival at this year’s VietnamFest . And take a walk down Bellaire Drive in Chinatown and you’ll find businesses and restaurants run by Chinese people. Or visit Saigon Plaza, where you’ll find Vietnamese boutiques, nail salons, and food. 

 Khuong Nguyen, owner of Pho Queen, is one of many Asian entrepreneurs who immigrated to San Antonio after serving in the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. He started his business with just $500 but today, it has grown into an empire that includes six locations altogether. Other Asian-owned businesses include Baguette Express, Saigon Express, Happy Wok, and the Sakura Japanese Grill. 

San Antonio is home to one of the country’s largest African American communities outside of Harlem in New York City. These days, you can find many exciting things happening here including several African-oriented businesses such as B&D Ice House Art Gallery & Lounge, Afrolicious Hair Studio, Sassafras Restaurant, Trombino Bakery & Pastry Shop, and the Hipolito Garcia Market. And don’t forget about our very own Black Business Association! 

Every October, S.A.’s Irish community comes together for an event known locally as Reverchon Park or “Little Dublin.” Hundreds of people show up every year to celebrate with food, music, dancing, and fun. And behind the scenes are several Irish-owned businesses that help make this event happen, including Hughes House Restaurant. 

What about Filipinos? They live all over S.A. but their pride is on display each August at Fiesta Filipino. There you can taste traditional Filipino dishes made by local professionals as well as enjoy cultural performances showcasing the history of the Philippine . This year’s notable participants include Jannine Marie Bagsic (Miss Fiesta Filipino 2009) & Team Absolute MMA! 

San Antonio is a diverse city, but how multicultural are we really? It’s hard to say because there isn’t data available for everyone in the city. But what can be said with certainty is that our culture has been shaped by many different people from around the world. We have everything you need to know about being Multicultural right here on this blog post! From language barriers and cultural differences to exploring new foods or overcoming prejudice, take your pick of topics below and find out more information today! If any of these issues resonate with you personally or professionally, let us help – give us a call today. 

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