How big is San Antonio?

We are a group of moms dedicated to finding the absolute BEST things to do in and around San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is the seventh most populous city in the United States, with a population of 1.5 million. But how big is San Antonio compared to other cities? Surprisingly, it’s not as big as you may think. In fact, San Antonio only ranks 33rd in size among American cities. So why is it such a popular destination? Well, its rich history and culture are certainly part of it – but there’s also plenty to do in San Antonio, from parks and museums to restaurants and nightlife. So if you’re looking for a city that has it all, San Antonio is definitely worth considering! 

Things To Do in San Antonio 

1. Visit the Tower of America’s – This 561 ft. tower is located in the heart of downtown San Antonio, and it looks out over the entire city. While you’re there, you can enjoy a meal at the rotating Chart House restaurant or go shopping at some of the other nearby attractions. 

2. Go winery hopping – Believe it or not, San Antonio has more than 20 different wineries within its city limits! That means that no matter what part of town you’re staying in, you should be able to find a local vineyard where you can do a little wine tasting before heading home for dinner. 

3. Eat authentic Mexican food – There are few cities around rich with Mexican culture as San Antonio is, and the food here reflects it. Feast on everything from fajitas to enchiladas at some of the best Mexican restaurants in all of Texas. You’ll never crave Taco Bell again! 

4. Visit the Alamo – Located in downtown San Antonio, this mission is one of the most well known landmarks in America due to its role in the Battle of the Alamo during Texas’s fight for independence from Mexico in 1836. The site where Texian rebels were killed defending their territory has been preserved by the daughters of the Republic of Texas since 1905, so be sure you plan a visit when you’re in town. It’s even free! 

5. Shop ’til you drop at North Star Mall – Even if you’re not the biggest shopper, you’ll find something here to peak your interests. North Star Mall is one of the largest malls in Texas and features more than 200 stores, boutiques, and restaurants; including Macy’s, Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, Applebee’s and Nordstrom. 

6. See a show at The Majestic Theatre – This historic theater was built in 1929 and has hosted dozens of famous acts throughout its years including Frank Sinatra, The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Liza Minnelli & More! There are still regular performances today by artists like Chris Isaak – so check out their calendar when you get to town! 

7. Go golfing or camping at Government Canyon State Natural Area – How about a little outdoor adventure? Camping and golfing are just a couple of the things you can do at this natural area. With five miles of hiking trails, a 12-acre lake, and 22 primitive campsites to choose from, there’s something for everyone! 

8. Eat Barbecue at Two Bros. BBQ Market – Located in downtown San Antonio, it’s hard to miss this place with its red brick exterior and oversized neon pig sign glowing above the door. Here you will find some of the best barbecue around. It gets especially busy on Friday nights so be sure to get there early if you don’t want to wait outside for an hour! 

9. Stop by La Tuna Ice House – Where can you find a great bar, live music, and delicious tacos? At La Tuna Ice House of course! This laid-back South Texas hangout is the perfect place to sit back and relax with some friends. You may even walk away with a few new ones after an evening spent here! 

10. See the Alamo – No trip to San Antonio would be complete without visiting this historic site. Located in downtown, it’s listed as one of the most popular attractions for those visiting Texas due to its role as a stronghold during the Texan Revolution (for more information about the Alamo check out our blog post). 

The city of San Antonio is the seventh-largest in America and has a population of 1.4 million people, making it one of the densest cities in Texas.” If you’re looking for some things to do while visiting San Antionio, we’ve got your back! We have compiled our list based on what visitors said they enjoyed doing most when they came here. Have fun exploring this great city or take a day trip out into its surrounding areas like Austin and Houston! 

About Us – Mom to Mom San Antonio 

We are a group of moms dedicated to finding the absolute BEST things to do in and around San Antonio, Texas! We are super excited to see you on our site and really hope you absolutely LOVE the information you find.  If you have any tips please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know.  We are always finding new places to entertain our kids, ourselves and our families! 

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