Does San Antonio have any beaches?

San Antonio’s proximity to the ocean is one of the reasons it became such a popular tourist destination in Texas. However, if you’re looking for sandy beaches and waves crashing against your feet, you’re going to be disappointed. There are no natural beaches in San Antonio. Instead, we have man-made ones that offer just as much fun! 

The closest beach from San Antonio is Matagorda County Beach Park which is about an hour away on Highway 35 southbound. If you want a more urban vibe with plenty of restaurants and bars nearby then head over to South Padre Island where there are many hotels and other things to do while you wait for sunset!

San Antonians are a hearty bunch. We rarely let the scorching summer sun stop us from enjoying all of our favorite activities, and we love to make sure that those visiting San Antonio know about all the fun they can have during their stay here. One thing many people don’t know is that there are two local beaches just a short drive away! If you’re looking for a day of sand and surf, head over to Mission Beach or North Padre Island – both just 30 minutes south on I-37 – for some cooling off in the Gulf of Mexico.

2 Local Beaches in San Antonio

1) The Beach at Northshore Park: This beach offers an area for swimming and sunbathing, as well as restrooms and showers nearby! There’s also plenty of parking available nearby. It’s worth noting that this beach has lifeguards on duty during summer hours so you can feel safe while having fun with your family.

2) Oso Bayfront Park: This park features volleyball courts, fishing piers, picnic areas, and more to enjoy all year round! There is no fee or reservations needed to visit this beautiful spot – just come ready for adventure!

List of Activities To Do This Summer in San Francisco

1.Visit Alcatraz Island and learn more about how it became one of America’s most famous prisons. 

2. Go shopping in Union Square for some new clothes or souvenirs. 

3. Shop for souvenirs in Chinatown 

4. Visit the Japanese Tea Garden 

 5. Catch a Giants game at AT&T Park. Go to an A’s game instead if they are playing! 

 6. Take a ride on the Cable Cars and enjoy some great views of San Francisco. 

 7. Watch movies outside under the stars with friends at The Rooftop Cinema Club. 

 8. Get ready for Halloween early by going trick or treating up Lombard Street, one of America’s most crooked streets!

9. The city of San Francisco is full of fun, exciting things to do during the summer. To get you started on your adventure, here are ten activities that will make this summer the best one yet! One activity is to visit Alcatraz Island and learn more about how it became one of America’s most famous prisons.

 10. Another is going shopping in Union Square for some new clothes or souvenirs. There are many places around the city that offer free attractions such as The Japanese Tea Garden, watching movies outside under the stars with friends at The Rooftop Cinema Club, and taking a ride on the Cable Cars and enjoying some great views of San Francisco.

11. If you are ready for Halloween early, go trick or treating up Lombard Street! It is one of America’s most crooked streets. 

San Antonio does not have any beaches and the nearest one is about 4 hours away. However, there are two local beaches in San Antonio that can be visited during summertime. The first beach is located at Mission Beach Park and it offers a variety of activities such as swimming, sunbathing, volleyball courts and paddle-boarding. The other popular beach near by for family fun is called Sea World. It features numerous attractions including rides like roller coasters and waterpark slides to keep you cool longer than usual! If you want help planning your perfect day out this summer or need more information on what we do here at Digital Marketing Partners feel free to call us today!

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